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Who We Are

FOSHAN JERRY MEDICAL APPRATUS CO., LTD is a professional dental equipment manufacturer since 2010.

Our main products are dental curing light, dental chair control system, dental burs, dental led lamp, endo motor, apex locator and so on. 

From raw material selection to software design and development,from PCB processing to half finished products inspection, from whole unit installation to delivery test, all process are under our own control.

We have rich experience R & D team, capable sales team and strong manufacturing strength. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been continuously developing new products. 

Here are some milestones in Jerry's history:
*In 2010, JERRY company established.
*In 2013, the 1st curing light with Curing and Lighting function launched in China.
*In 2015, Start develop and produce dental chair control system.
*In 2017, EJ brand created, invested on dental burs production and research.
*In 2018, our factory expanded from 400m2 to 800m2.
*In 2019, Design and produce dental led operating light,dental endo motor and apex locator
*In 2020, Designed a dental curing light with orthodontics use and caries detector function.
*In 2021, New endo motor and apex locator come.

In the future, we will continue to work hard and innovate constantly. We will uphold our mission: Always working for better quality and better life!

Our Team

Research and Development department

Research and Development department

We have our own engineers for both software and hardware with more than 15 years R&D experience in dental industry. That’s why ODM and OEM service are welcome for us.
Sales department

Sales department

Stable and high efficiency sales group are very important for company, All our sales stuff are with enthusiastic service, good communicating skills and rich experience.
Production department

Production department

More and more machinery equipment work in our company, PCB printing machine, mounting machine, re-flowing welding machine are working with us, more efficient and in higher quality.
QC department

QC department

Both machinery and human being inspection are going on, it avoid human being mistake and in high efficiency. Multiple QC process make sure that quality is stable and satisfied.

Our Factory