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On this page, we present to you with all products that we can offer. It covers a variety of dental equipment: dental curing light, dental chair control system, dental endo motor, dental operating light, dental burs, surgical dental handpiece, and IPR kit. Allow me to give you a brief introduction to our major products in the two major categories.

In the category of Jerry, the dental curing light is the main product we sale. The dental curing light can be divided into different types to meet the different needs in dental practice. Jerry offers 1second curing light, led dental curing light, and wired curing light. Except for the woodpecker light curing, Jerry dental curing light is another manufacturer that adopts American chips with high stability to construct a PCB board. Furthermore, there are many excellent features in JEERY's dental curing light. In one word, Jerry offers top-quality dental curing light with a reasonable dental curing light price.

In the category of EJ, we mainly offer dental handpieces and dental burs. Dental diamond burs and dental carbide burs can be founded in this category. Adopting great raw material, we could manufacture top-quality dental burs with high precision. As one of China’s leading dental diamond burs manufacturers, JERRY wholesale dental burs. As for the dental handpiece, slow speed dental handpiece and 4:1 contra angle handpiece can be found. The slow speed dental handpiece could be divided into inner water dental low speed handpiece and external water dental low speed handpiece. You could buy slow speed dental burs in JERRY, according to your specific needs.