Diamond Burs Set

The base and cover are made of aluminum alloy, which can be sterilized at 135℃ high temperature and high pressure.

Porcelain veneer preparation kit cotains WR-16, WR-18, TR-12, TR-26, TZ-025, FO-33 and TC-21

Reverse the preparation of teeth aiamond bur contains TZ-021, TZ-016C, TZ-023C, TZ-025C, TZ-006F, 
TZ-010F, TZ-015F and TZ-021.

Interproximal enamel stripping preparation kit contains TF-48, WR-28 and TC-11.

Anterior and posterior crowns preparation kit contains TF21, TR-25, TC-10, WR-13, SR-11, EX-19F, SO-18,
SO-20, SO-21 and TZ-023

Inlay/high inlay preparation kit contains DI-36, DI-38, RS-S11, RS-41, EX-18F, FO-22 and FO-33.

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