Apex Locator Propex

1.Digital OLED Colorful screen, display more for you.
2.The volume can be adjusted
3.Using USA imported chip, make it with high accuracy.
4. With automatic callibration function
5.Can work together with Endo motor intelligently.

Features of Propex Apex Locator

1. Adjustable angle from 30 degrees to 90 degrees
2. Battery balance display

3. With chargeable Li-on battery.
4. The Reference point can be adjusted

Components and Accessories of Propex Apex Locator

Propex Apex Locator
●Main Unit x 1pcs   ●Measuring Wire x 1pcs   ●Power Adapter x 1pcs
●Tester x 1pcs        ●Probe x 2pcs               ●File Clip x 2pcs

What Is the Dental Apex Locator In Dentistry? 

The dental apex locator is a kind of electronic instrument used in endodontics that measures the impedance, frequency, and resistance of the surrounding material in order to locate the working length of the root canal to be endodontic. Correct determination of tooth length is a crucial factor for the success of endodontic therapy.

What Does Apex Locator Detect?

The dental apex locator can detect the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space. It is an important tool to root canal therapy. And, Jerry is one of the leading dental apex locator suppliers in China, designing and producing the best endodontic apex locator with various functions such as coxo endo motor with apex locator, digital apex locator, etc.

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