Dental Endomotor

The dental endo motor is used for root canal therapy, it is componeced with contra angle, spray nozzle, lithium battery, adaptor...and so on. It's mainly purpose is used to measure the longth of the root canal, prapare the root canal. It is widely used for treatment scene of dental pulp necrosis, chronic gingival periapical inflammation, chronic apical periodontitis, pulp periodontal syndrome ... and so on. 

Product feature for dental endomotor:
1.  360 degree rotatable  stainless steel 1:1 contra angle,  more stable performance.
2. Digital OLED Colorful screen, display more for you.
3. Built-in file system, you can choose different file.
4. Automatically slow down and reverse when close to the physical root canal spot, more safe.
5. M0-M9, 10 working modes with adjustable rotating speed, rotating direction, working angle.
6. 2000mAh, long lifetime battery
7. Working speed is from 120-1000rpm, suits for all brand of files.
8. Original Japan Imported Gearbox, much less noiseness and stable.
9. Adjustable reciprocating angle from 30 degree to 370 degree.
10. Support to connect with apex locator and see the root canal depth on the motor screen in the same time.
11. Automatically start working once enter into root canal and stop working smart once out of  root canal.

  • Standard component
No Items Qty Unit Note
1 Main unit 1 pc  
2 1:1 Contra angle  1 pc  
3 Stand base 1 pc  
4 Adaptor 1 pc AC110-240V 50/60Hz
5 Spray nozzle 1 pc  
6 Data line 1 pc  
7 Silicone sleeves 2 pcs  
8 User manual 1 pc  
  • Package

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