Dental oral therapy instrument built in dental electric motor for dental surgery

Built in dental electric motor can provide a big power for dental surgery operation. Our dental electric motor take you more convinent from the following point:
1. It provide 5 speed ratio for different contra angle, to suit for different application during doctor operation. 
2. It provide 5 memory program to stock doctor's usual using custom. 
3. Small PCB board make the installation much more easy. 
Jerry medical colorful touched screen Built in dental electric motor MX-2000
  • Built in dental electric motor with 5 memory program 5 speed ratio function to suit for different dental surgical operation require. 

  • Built in dental electric motor is easy to instal

  • Built in dental electric motor component
  1.  Colorful touched screen. 
  2. PCB board. 
  3. Dental electric motor handpiece
  4. Dental electric motor handpiece tube
  5. Metal stand base for dental electric motor
  6. Spare parts for dental electric motor
  • Built in dental electric motor package

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