Best Dental High Speed Handpiece: Something You Need to Know

Best Dental High Speed Handpiece: Something You Need to Know

Sep 21,2022

As we all know, the high speed handpiece is versatile dental equipment used by all clinicians of all specialties of dentistry. So, understanding the knowledge of the high speed handpiece is important for clinicians. This post would illustrate some vital knowledge of dental high speed handpiece.

What Is A High Speed Handpiece Used for in Dentistry?

The high speed handpiece is an air-driven or electric-driven precision device for the removal of tooth tissue efficiently and rapidly with no pressure, heat, or vibration and cut the tooth. Therefore, it typically is used for cavity preparation, removal of tooth structure, and margin creation.

How Long Do Dental Handpieces Last?

The lifespan of the high speed dental handpiece depends on the frequency of utilization, using the method, etc. Generally speaking, under the ideal operation condition, the high speed dental handpiece can last about 6 months or only 1 year. Therefore, the dentist also needs to determine which handpieces can better withstand repeated heat sterilization without an operative performance loss.
electric high speed dental handpiece

What is the Maximum Speed of A High Speed Handpiece?

Typically, most air-driven high speed dental handpiece is capable of reaching a speed of 420,000 rpm and the electric-driven dental handpiece is able to reach a speed of 200,000 rpm. However, under the maximum speed, the electric-driven dental handpiece would stall under load, due to the lack of torque. By the way, the high speed dental handpieces’ speed may drop as much as 40% or more once their burs hit a surface.


All in all, the high speed dental handpiece plays a vital role in dental practice.  And, it is necessary to maintain them well to ensure the function as possible.
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