Buyers Guide: Dental Chair PCB Circuit

Buyers Guide: Dental Chair PCB Circuit

Aug 04,2021

Are you struggling with the problems of dental unit? Are you hunting for the dental chair control system? Are you looking for high stability and durability dental chair PCB circuit? Look here! Jerry could provide you ideal PCB circuit!

Dental Chair PCB USB13

The USB has already passed the EMC test. This means this equipment would not disturb the working function of other things in the environment. Further more, it equips with USB cables which make the repairing more easier. Adopted by HF relay world leader brand, the dental chair control system could present an excellent performance to the users.
Devices Brand/Country
Capacitor Japan rubycon capacitor
Optocoupler Japan SHARP brand optocoupler
Microchip USA
Press Buttons Original OMRON


Dental Chair PCB USB04

There is no memory position in this system. The system’s connector can bear up to 260 degree temperature. The key press buttons which are from original OMRON have a lifespan of 10 years. As for the table, the USB connecting cable can pass the EMC test. The system equip with convenient and safe USB interface.
Devices Brand/ Source Country
Capacitor Japan rubycon
Optocoupler Japan SHARP brand
Key Press Buttons Original OMRON
According to the table, you could learn that the control system's parts are high quality which could work in a good situation so that provides you a satisfactory user experience. Jerry takes advantage from different famous brand parts to form the dental chair PCB USB04. After using this control system, you would realize that Jerry put their efforts on the dental equipment.

Dental Chair PCB Two-In-One

There are nine memory positions available for our patients. The doctor don’t need to be annoy with the surgery posture. This is the crystallization of international trade cooperation. It is because it adopts different international brands parts. As you see, the PCB has japan rubycon capacitor and SHARP brand optocoupler.


You think you just need to buy a good dental machine and everything will be fine, but you are wrong. A fancy surface is not a symbol of good dental machine. You should buy a good PCB to level up your dental chair. A good PCB not only upgrade your dental chair system, but also improve work efficiency.