Contra Angle Handpiece

Contra Angle Handpiece

Aug 17,2022

When comes to the choice of the contra angle handpiece, you may find that various sizes of contra-angle handpieces are available in the dental equipment market. Then, you may hesitate about which type of contra angle handpiece to buy. In this post, the author would list some of the commonly used contra angle handpieces to help you make the decision.

What Is Contra Angle Handpiece?

A contra angle handpiece is a tool used in dentistry. Powered by a motor, it rotates the drilling and polishing tips. The contra angle handpiece can be inserted with various rotary instruments to meet the diverse needs of dental surgery. Also, the dental handpiece and accessories contra angle handpiece  can be removed, cleaned, and disinfected after use.

4:1 Contra Angle Handpiece

4:1 Contra Angle Handpiece

This 4:1 contra angle handpiece is made of stainless steel, offering a high-durability structure. Relying on Jerry’s advanced technology, it only produces 20dB of working noise, helping the dentist create a low-noise working environment, so as to protect the ears’’of patients and the dentists. Because of the driver speed ratio of 4:1 and the cooperation of the dental bur, this contra angle handpiece can be used for the special made saw tips/stripping tips. Furthermore, it has a rotation speed of 5000rpm at max.
Jerry's contra angle handpiece uses high-quality Germany Bearing, stainless steel body with Titanium coated material. It also has an anti-retraction system.

1:5 Contra Angle Handpiece

1:5 contra angle handpiece
1:5 contra angle handpiece becomes one of the favorites among the dentist, especially in Europe. Compared with the other normal contra angle handpieces, the 1:5 contra angle handpiece has better performance in drilling force and power. It could provide a more stable drilling force, so it improves efficiency and reduce the pain to the patient. There is no exaggeration that 1:5 contra angle handpiece may be the king of dental equipment.

20:1 Contra Angle Handpiece

20:1 contra angle handpiece
20:1 contra angle handpiece has a greater contra angle than others. And the dental handpiece contra angle head in this product is designed to prevent stains and discomfort during dental operations. The 20:1 contra angle handpiece provides the dentist with a comfortable grip and outstanding rotating and cutting abilities.


With almost 10 years of serving worldwide in the dental industry, we deeply understand how important it is to listen to the needs of our clients and to source the best available products. We are proud of offering a complete series contra angle handpieces, including 20:1 contra angle handpiece, 4:1 contra angle handpiece, 1:5 contra angle handpiece, etc. If you have interest with our product, please e-mail us: or call us +86-757-8663-7775 to get the product catalog and price.