Dental Low Speed Handpiece

Dental Low Speed Handpiece

Nov 08,2022

As same as the high speed dental handpiece, the dental low speed handpiece is regarded as one of the most used instruments in dental surgery. A good quality low speed dental handpiece can improve dentist working efficiency, reduce stress for patients, and reduce running costs. In this post, the author would give an introduction to dental low speed handpiece.

What is A Dental Low Speed Handpiece?

The dental low speed handpiece, also known as contra angle handpiece, usually adopts 2.35mm OD bur (like the high-speed, the drill, and a drill bit). The dental low speed handpiece usually is connected o and powered by a micro motor which is air or electric driven. And, this micromotor also determines the bur rotation speed of a dental low speed handpiece. During the attachment with the electric motor and approx, A 1:1 contra angle handpiece rotates the dental bur at a maximum of 40K rpm for about 100 mins. And the rotating speed would be at 20K rpm when attached to an air motor.
dental low speed handpiece

What are the Low Speed Dental Handpiece Parts?

Low speed dental handpiece parts can basically be divided into three parts: the prophy angle, the contra-angle, and the motor.
●Prophy angle: prophy angle is used to apply prophy paste to a patient's teeth during dental treatment. And it features a rotating cup at the tip.

●Contra-angle: Driven by the motor, the dental handpiece contra angle is used for rotating the drilling and polishing tips. The contra angle handpiece allows the insertion of various rotary instruments.

●The motor: The motor is the dynamic source that drives the low speed dental handpiece rotates.

What are Low-Speed Dental Handpieces Used for?

The dental low speed handpiece has wide applications during dental treatment. The dental low speed handpiece is mainly used for the removal of soft decay, finishing cavity preparation, polishing, trimming, and prophy work. Because of the handpiece dental low speed, it could do the most delicate work during the dental treatment.


Investing in superior low speed dental handpiece will be a wise choice for your clinics. It would be a practical helper in your dental surgery. With the low rotating speed, you could use it to finish and polish restorations.