Finishing and Polishing Dental Burs

Finishing and Polishing Dental Burs

Jan 31,2023

As you know, there are many procedures and dental equipment in dental surgery. And, each of them has its own use. Then, finishing and polishing dental burs is one of the most useful tools in dental practice. In this post, the author would continue to introduce dental equipment. Then, it is time to introduce the finishing and polishing dental burs.

What is Polishing Bur?

The dental polishing burs are basic dental equipment designed for contouring and finishing enamel, composites, and porcelain. Then, the porcelain polishing burs are used for finishing and polishing on indirect restorations. The dentists could make the bright shine and luster to the surface of ceramic restorations by using porcelain polishing burs.

What is Finish And Polish in Dentistry?

The main purpose of the finish and polish procedures is to create a smooth, uniform, and easy-to-clean restoration. This procedure could extend the service life of the restoration, decrease the incidence of recurrent caries, and promote the health of surrounding tissues.
finishing and polishing dental burs

Why is Polishing Important in Dentistry?

The first reason why polishing and finishing are important is the polishing and finishing procedures expand the longevity of the tooth composite material and improve the aesthetic appearance of the material. Then, the polishing and finishing are the standard part of the dental cleaning appointment and finishing and polishing dental burs become the essentials in the dental practice. Second, these procedures could minimize plaque accumulation at margins and on surfaces of restorations and the risk of surface staining. Furthermore, it could minimize surface degradation and wear in clinical service as possible.

What is the Difference Between Finishing and Polishing?

There is an obvious difference between finishing and polishing in dentistry. Dental finishing refers to making the restoration to obtain the desired anatomy, meanwhile, it makes the smooth surface and reduces scratches and surface irregularities. The polishing procedure, refers to reducing the roughness and removing the scratches created by the finishing instrument.
polishing burs

Where to Buy Finishing and Polishing Dental Burs?

You can find the dental equipment supplier online. You could learn the basic information and product details by scanning its website. Then, in this post, allow me to give a brief introduction to Jerry Medical. Jerry Medical is one of the worldwide dental equipment companies, focusing on dental equipment supply and offering a wide range of medical products. Our polishing burs for dentistry, crown polishing burs, dental carbide burs, and dental diamond burs enable accuracy to meet the needs of your patient population, as well as help you enhance efficiency and productivity to meet the needs of your practice.


All in all, the finishing and polishing dental burs are useful tools to finish composite filling materials. With the distinctive angle of rank and the finishing head, it could make a good job in the cavity finish.
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