Guide to Endo Motor & Endo Motor with Apex Locator

Guide to Endo Motor & Endo Motor with Apex Locator

Dec 09,2022

In the past, dentists have been forming root canals with the use of hand instruments. This method is time-consuming. Thanks to the progress of technology and engineering, dentists get introduced to new dental equipment for canal treatment----endodontic motor. In this post, the author would give a guide about the endodontic motor.

What is an Endo motor?

The endo motor, especially the endo motor with apex locator is crucial equipment in modern endodontic treatment. Its main purpose is used for assisting to reshape the root canal system ---- filling the root canal system to prevent re-infection and promote healing. There are multiple types of the endodontic motor with varied specifications.

6 Factors to help you Buy the Right endo motor?

As a pro, you already know the importance of the endo motor. But, you may have no idea to choose the best endo motor with apex locator or endodontic motor. In this part, the author would list 6 factors that you need to pay attention to when you plan to purchase one for your clinics.

Whether it is Rotative?

When it comes to surgery, the risk of complications is inevitable. In endodontics surgery, there is a series of potential risks such as ledge formation and root perforation. Rotary endo motor and reciprocation endo are the two major types in this category. The rotary endo motor is a better option because it could decrease the risk of complications during the surgery and effectively shape the root canal system.

Speed and Torque Control

An endomotor with speed and torque control is the key to completely controlling instrumentation. However, an endo motor at higher speeds offers better cutting efficiency meanwhile increase the possibility of causing instrument separation and fracture. Therefore, you need to consider the combination of speed and torque control. The author would list a chart to present the specific ideal (right) torque.
Smaller & Lesser Taper Lower Torque Value
Larger and Greater Taper Higher Torque Value

Whether it is Auto?

Dental endo motor with auto-function features could make endodontic procedures easier and reduce the risk of complications.

The compatibility with File

Although most manufacturers of endodontic motors usually recommend using files of their brand to achieve the best performance, we can not neglect the importance of other file systems. It is because you can not abandon the existing files in your clinics.


This is another element that has to be considered before you buy an endo motor for dental treatment. Most endo motors are typically equipped with rechargeable batteries made of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ion). They are similar in the amount of power but different in the charging and discharging factors. The Li-ion batteries have better speed in charging and discharging than NiMH batteries. By the way, the Li-ion batteries

Built-in Apex Locator

Currently, the endo motor is also get developed into an endo motor with built in apex locator. This new product would improve surgery efficiency because it reduces the needed devices while carrying out root canal treatment procedures.


The endodontic motor is the modern dental equipment to accurately detect the canal terminus and help to dentists determine endodontic files with constant and precise torque suited to the canal being treated. It could be a historic invention in dental history. And, the advanced version of the endo motor---- endo motor with apex locator is currently ideal dental equipment.