Jerry Medical, Your Expert On The Dental Chair Control System

Jerry Medical, Your Expert On The Dental Chair Control System

Aug 17,2021

It is no exaggeration to say, dental chair control system is the soul of the dental chair. It is because the dental chair can not achieve any function without a control system, for example, motors' up&down, forward&backward movement, backrest leans forward & back, dental chair memory positions, the water supply of spittoon, the switch of mouth lamp, and others. Each indicator it gives corresponds to every operation of the dental chair.


The quality of each core part is the direct factor affecting the stability, safety, and durability of functions of the dental chair. Since the establishment, Jerry Medical focuses on the quality of products, attaches importance to the product experience and purchase experience.


  ·All our core components, such as relays, buttons, chips, optocouplers, and semiconductors of the National Semiconductor, are selected from Japan OMRON, SHARP, USA MICROCHIP, TI, and so on.

  ·Relying on the powerful software and hardware research and development team, independent circuit board machining center, and intelligent circuit board testing equipment, We independently complete each producing process of the product to ensure the reliability of product quality.

  ·Our product can pass the EMC test. Therefore, the internal system could stay stable in conditions of unstable external power. With the high-grade anti-interference protection wire, the control system has decreased the failure rate by 95%. Furthermore, all interfaces of the control system adopt USB interfaces, greatly save the communication wire, is easy to install. Compared with the traditional wiring method, it also could save the maintenance cost in the later period.


Last but not least, we, Jerry, could provide personalized customization service to tailor a dental chair control system for each dental chair manufacturer’s needs. If you want to know more information about Jerry’s dental chair control system, you could click here: Buyers Guide: Dental Chair PCB Circuit. It gives a brief introduction about our some products.