Light Cure Battery

Light Cure Battery

Feb 16,2023

The dental operating light is an essential equipment for any dental practice that uses to set dental restorative materials, such as composites, adhesives, and sealants. Then, the light cure battery is the key component in the dental curing light, because it designed to provide long-lasting and reliable power to your dental curing light. It is a guarantee of dentist can perform your dental procedures with confidence.

What is the Purpose of Light Cure?

The curing light is the dental equipment for the light cure for composite. The dental curing light emits a bright concentrated blue light to quickly harden the dental filling material in place.

How to Charge A Dental Curing Light?

You need to strictly follow the product manual to charge the dental operating light. Then, usually, the normal charging process is connecting the dental curing light stand to the wall-mount transformer and inserting the curing light into the charging stand.

How Long Do Dental Curing Lights Last?

Many types of research indicate that it could last about 1000 hours (equivalent to approximately 5 years of clinical use).

How to Prolong the Life of Your Light Cure Battery?

In this section, the author would list some methods to prolong the life of your light cure battery.

Method 1: Recharge Regularly

To avoid irreparable total discharge, you need to be aware of the charging time of the various types of batteries. Then, the nickel metal hydride batteries should be charged after three months. The lithium polymer and lithium-ion batteries need to be charged after six months at the latest. Furthermore, it is noticed that there is a memory effect in the battery. You need to ensure the battery should be out of power before getting recharged. Also, there is a difference between lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-polymer batteries can be discharged or recharged at any time.

Method 2: Keep Your Light Cure Battery Contacts Clean

The exposed light cure battery should be placed in a clean space to prevent contact with contamination such as dust or composite residues. This action aims to ensure the good conductivity and charging capacity of the light cure battery. Also, you need to regularly and thoroughly clean the curing light battery 18500 metal electrical contacts. If the inductive charging system is used with curing light, you don’t have to take this measure. Using the normal wipe disinfection is a wise cleaning solution.

Method 3: Buy A Replacement Battery in Time

Each battery has its lifespan. And, typically, lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries lose about 30 percent of their capacity after three years of use. Therefore, you need to bear the lifespan of the light cure battery in mind and replace the battery in time to prevent the interruption of dental procedures.


Without the light cure battery, dental curing light has no power to run. The light cure battery is an essential component of any modern dental practice. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger dental team, a good battery is a must-have for anyone who wants to provide the best possible care to their patients.