Polishing Burs

Polishing Burs

Dec 21,2022

To ensure the safety and perfect of dental surgery, there are much dental equipments to help the work of the dentist. In this post, the author would illustrate the use of polishing burs and introduce other types of dental burs.

What Are Polishing Burs?

Polishing burs for dentistry are the basic dental tools to help dentists carry out a successful dental treatment. In dental surgery, this tool is the procedure for helping restore one's dental health. Because of the various parts of the tooth, dental polishing burs can be divided into many types, such as dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs, crown polishing burs, and finishing and polishing dental burs. The dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs are used for interproximal reduction, de-bonding, and predictable and safe resin removal, with minimal damage to tooth enamel, as well as for subsequent enamel polishing.

Why Do You Need the Polishing Procedure?

Dental polishing burs are used for polishing the tooth to ensure it's as white and shiny as possible after the removal of the plaque and tartar. Then, to give the composite resin a natural enamel-like glossy look, the dentist tends to use aluminum oxide pastes or small-grain diamond pastes after the use of the light cure for composite.

Various Types of Dental Burs

In addition to the polishing burs, there are many dental burs for dental surgery. In the following content, the author would list some types of dental burs.

Dental Diamond Burs

dental diamond burs
The dental diamond burs are made of high hardness wear-resisting and sharp emery particles. And, the dental diamond burs’ handles are made of 304 stainless steel material which is manufactured by high precision machine. Jerry offers 188 kinds of sizes to fit any dental procedure. All our dental diamond burs are passed multiple tests, so you can trust the quality of the dental burs.

Dental Laboratory Tungsten Carbide Burs

dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs
The main body of dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs is made of YG8 Tungsten steel carbide material, so the burs are highly durable. The dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs also have the sharpest cutting ability. Then the customized service is available in the dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs. Therefore, based on your drawing or sample, we can manufacture the specific dental laboratory tungsten carbide burs.


Therefore, dental burs are the most important dental tool in dental surgery. Each type of dental bur has its special function. Then, dental polishing burs are mainly used for polishing the tooth to make the patient’s tooth look shiny. If you are looking for quality and clean dental burs, you can get a profile from Jerry medical by emailing elise@jerrymed.com.