Purchasing Guide: Slow Speed Handpiece

Purchasing Guide: Slow Speed Handpiece

Aug 09,2021

The Handpiece is one of the most essential tools for the dentists’ work. The invention of the handpiece also takes a great step in dental practice progress. Especially, air-driven handpiece was introduced into the dental field which transformed the dental profession, technology. With the development of technology, handpieces are divided into two major types: low speed handpieces(slow speed handpiece) and high speed handpieces. Today, I will talk about slow speed handpiece.

What is slow speed dental handpiece?

A slow speed dental handpiece is a dental tool used for the removal of caries, refining a cavity preparation, performing prophylaxis, and other endodontic and implant procedures. Equipping with an inbuilt motor, it operates at a speed of up to 80,000 rpm.
When the handipiece is used with some attachments which could show different functions:

Attachment Function
Straight attachments Extraoral (out of the mouth) procedures such as trimming dentures
Contra-angle attachments Intraoral or extraoral procedures to remove decay, polish amalgam restorations, refine cavity preparation, adjust crowns and bridges and adjust dentures.
Prophylaxis angle attachments Hold a prophy cup, bristle brush as part of cleaning, polishing procedures

How do they work?

Like the high speed handpiece, an airline would be attached to the end of the low speed handpiece.
When the dentist works on the chair’s pedal, the air is introduced into the handpiece and starts to flow through the vanes of the rotor.
 After the air moves around the rotor, it also is forced out through the handpiece’s back and exhaust port.

How long will a low speed handpiece last?

Compared with high speed handpiece, slow speed handpiece can have long spans. It’s because it owes low operating speeds and different designs. Furthermore, It should get professional maintenance conducted every 6-12 months.

Contra-angle Handpiece, Driver  speed ratio 4 : 1, Max rotation speed 5000rpm


Although there are two different major kinds of handpieces, both of them play a vital role in our dental works. Frankly speaking, each one has a function that could fulfill a different need in your works. The choice of the handpiece is depends on what producure you are doing.