What are Dental Diamond Burs are Used for?

What are Dental Diamond Burs are Used for?

Oct 24,2022

Most dentists are looking for reliable and durable dental diamond burs. They act as the cutting burs and polishing burs for dentistry. In this post, the author would illustrate the stainless steel burs and let you know everything about dental diamond burs.

What are Dental Diamond Burs are Used for?

As a matter of fact, most dental diamond burs have a durable handle that is made of stainless steel. Then, 304 stainless steel handle is produced with the high precision machine, which is more durable than other dental burs. And, diamond burs are used for cutting hard tissues - teeth or bone, so the 304 stainless steel handle in the dental burs is more reliable in the surgery process.

How Long Do Dental Burs Last?

After the multiple-use, the stainless steel burs would get worn and need to be changed after 5 teeth preparations.

Do Dental Burs Need to be Sterilized?

Generally speaking, dental diamond burs are packaged by dental diamond burs manufacturers and are not sterile and should be sterilized before first use.

Product Recommendation: Dental Diamond Burs

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The dental burs are made of emery particle that is high hardness wear-resisting and sharp. And the dental diamond burs have 304 stainless steel handles. Furthermore, with the precision NC lathe machining and Self-developed technology, the dental diamond burs are sharp and have a long life span.
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Metal cutting burs are excellent and fabulous in durability and performance. These surgical dental burs have passed several durability tests. In Jerry, we first measure each dental bur's handle size to ensure each sale dental burs are at the standard size. Second, we would manually inspect the whole bur and the bur sizes. Third, we also take the abrasion test. The finished product would get the abrasion test to ensure the wearing ability of the product. In the last step, we would pack the products that have passed the above tests.


Jerry is one of the leading dental burs manufacturers in China, designing and launching the sharpest diamond burs with high durability. From raw material selection to software design and development, from PCB processing to half-finished product inspection, from whole unit installation to delivery test, all the dental equipment manufacturing processes are under the full charge of Jerry Medical.