What Is An Endodontic Motor?

What Is An Endodontic Motor?

Nov 03,2022

Since the invention of the dental endo motor, it has become a crucial part of a dental clinic's equipment list. And, the dental endo motor could be regarded as one of the greatest processes in the dental field, because it could be the more mature method for performing root canal treatments. In this post, the author would illustrate why we need an endo motor.

What is An Endodontic Motor?

Endo motor is the abbreviation of the endodontic motor. The endo motor is designed to help implement dental root canal therapy because it allows the use of mechanically driven files. The endo motor would improve the speed of the preparation of the endodontic canals.

Benefits of Endo Motor

As the fruit of modern dental technology, endo motor gives three major benefits to dental root treatment.

●Chair Time Reduction
The chair time means the time that dentist spends on finishing the treatment. However, chair time costs are one of the most neglected factors when dentists make cost analyses. Root canals also are the most commonly performed treatments by the dentist and the endodontist.

●Improve the Comfort
During the root canal treatment, the patient may be fear of the treatment. Then, the rotary endo motor would let the dentist complete the option of root canal cleaning and obturation at one time. It means the dentist can inject the local anesthetic one time, hence it would greatly reduce the patient the fear and pain about the treatment.

●Cost Saving
Although the cost of the engine files is relatively higher than that of hand files, the chair time cost would greatly get a reduction. And, when you adopt the hand files option, you have to spend more time communicating with the patient at the cost of abandoning the treatment of another patient. It is because the dentist has a limited working time in a day. Then, the dentist may have to spend a whole day giving treatment to a patient.

Features of the Brushless Endo Motor

endodontic motor
The endodontic motor was first described as rotary instrumentation by Oltarmare in 1889. Then the first endodontic handpiece was designed and developed by William H Rollins, for the purpose of letting it automatically prepare the root canal. Nowadays, with the development of the medical industry, the endo motor with apex locator is developed and become popular.
1. Automatically start working once enter the root canal and stop working smart once out of the root canal.
2. Working speed is from 120-1000rpm, which suits all brands of files.
3. Built-in file system, you can choose different file.
4. Automatically slow down and reverse when close to the physical root canal spot, safer.
5. 2000mAh, long lifetime battery
6. Adjustable reciprocating angle

Last Thought

The dental endo motor could reduce the treatment time and improve the patient comfort during the treatment. In this post, the author hope would help you get a better appreciation of the use of the dental endo motor. And, don't forget to pay attention to the quality of the endo motor. For the best option, check out our website: https://www.jerrymed.com