What is Dental Handpiece Turbine?

What is Dental Handpiece Turbine?

Mar 28,2023

The dental handpiece turbine is one of the cruical parts in the dental handpiece and the power source of the air-turbine dental handpiece. In this article, the author would give a brief introduction of the dental air turbine, including definition, uses, and importance.

What is Dental Handpiece Turbine?

A dental handpiece turbine is a device used in dentistry that is powered by compressed air or electricity to rotate a cutting or grinding tool, such as a dental bur or diamond burs. The dental handpiece turbine parts feature with lightweight, small-size, and painless abrading. However, due to the small torque, it makes a large noise.
It is commonly referred to as a "dental drill" or "dental handpiece." The handpiece turbine consists of a rotor, bearings, and a turbine blade, which rotate at high speeds to provide the necessary torque and cutting power to perform dental procedures. Handpiece turbines can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the intended use and the type of handpiece.

What is Dental Turbine it is Used for?

Generally speaking, the dental air turbine is used for driving the dental handpiece. And, the surgical dental handpiece is used in dental procedures such as removing the decay, shaping and polishing teeth, and preparing teeth for restorative work such as crowns and bridges.
Dental turbines come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the intended use and the type of dental handpiece. They are an essential tool in modern dentistry and have greatly improved the efficiency and precision of dental procedures.

What is the Difference between Handpiece and a Turbine?

In this section, the author would list the differences between the electric high speed dental handpiece and air-turbine dental handpiece.
Generally speeaking, the dental handpiece driven by the dental air turbine reaches up to the speed of 150,000 to 250,000. Then, the electric high speed dental handpiece works up to the speed of the 400,000.
Power source: The main difference between the two types of handpieces is their power source. A turbine handpiece is powered by compressed air, while an electric handpiece is powered by electricity.

Electric handpieces generally have more torque than turbine handpieces, meaning they have more power to cut through tough materials.

Turbine handpieces are generally noisier than electric handpieces, due to the compressed air used to power them.

Turbine handpieces require more maintenance than electric handpieces, as they have more moving parts that need to be oiled and cleaned regularly. Electric handpieces are generally easier to maintain.

Electric handpieces are generally more expensive than turbine handpieces, due to their more advanced technology and features.


All in all, the dental handpiece turbine is one of the most important parts in the dental devices. Without it, the dental handpiece can not work. Also, it provides dentists with speed, precision, and versatility in performing a range of dental procedures. With proper maintenance, the handpiece can provide efficient and effective service for years to come.