Apex Locator for Sale

Apex Locator for Sale

Feb 27,2024

Jerry is regarded as one of the greatest dental apex locator suppliers in China. Also, with the independent production team and base, Jerry has earned a reputation among our clients all over the world. In our catalog, we present you with a wide model of apex locators for sale. In the following content, the author would list some of our best apex locators.

Digital Apex Locator

digital apex locator

The digital apex locator has an LCD display, so it clearly shows the working details to you. Then, the volume in the apex locator is adjustable, you could adjust the volume at your will. As for the components, the digital apex locator adopts a USA-brand chip, so it could be stable and accurate. Then, it the function, it has an automatic calibration function, so you don't have to take much effort into the surgery to find the dental root.

● LCD display, working details showed clearly
● The volume can be adjusted
● Using normal replaceable dry battery, more convenient for the dentist
● Using USA imported chips, make it with high accuracy and stable
● With automatic calibration function
● Battery balance display
● The reference point can be adjusted

Precision Apex Locator

precision apex locator

This precision apex locator has a modern and advanced design.  Supported by the USA chips, it runs stably and smoothly. Then, it is adjustable in the viewing angle, so you could change the viewing angle in the actual surgery. Then, it also has a multi-frequency detection function, so it a good reaction and is more accurate.

● Using the new professional technology to design
● Adopting the USA chips to ensure its stable performance
● Adjustable viewing angle and intelligent calibration
● Multi-frequency detection makes it a good reaction and more accurate
● OLED color screen, slim body design

Propex Apex Locator

propex apex locator

The propex apex locator has a digital OLED colorful screen, displaying more details for you. Then, it also has the USA brand chip, so it could be accurate. It not only has an automatic calibration function but also can work together with the Endo motor intelligently. The propex apex locator price also is affordable.

● Digital OLED Colorful screen, display more for you
● The volume can be adjusted
● Using USA imported chip, make it with high accuracy
● With automatic calibration function
● Can work together with Endo motor intelligently


As a practical electronic device used in endodontics, an electronic apex locator should be accurate and easy to operate. However, it is difficult to find a good dental apex locator in a complex market.
Jerry is one of the most trusted dental apex locator suppliers in China, providing precise apex locator and apex locator parts. We are committed to providing quality dental apex locator, contact us today and find the perfect solution for your project.