Electronic Apex Locator

Electronic Apex Locator

Sep 06,2022

As one of the crucial dental equipment, an electronic apex locator plays an important role in the endodontic surgery. As technology improves for endodontic apex locators, an increase in accuracy makes these devices more popular. In this post, the author would get the detailed introduction to the electronic apex locators.

What Is An Electronic Apex Locator Used for?

An electronic apex locator is mainly used for measuring the impedance, frequency, and resistance of the surrounding material to the working length of the root canal to be endodontic. And, it also is used for determining the position of the apical constriction and locating.

Is the Apex Locator Accurate?

Currently, the dental apex locator is a relatively accurate and reliable method of determining working length. But, there still is a slight between the actual working length taken by a stereo microscope and the working length taken by an electronic precision apex locator.

What Is the Principle of The Apex Locator?

The dental apex locator makes good use of the electrical resistance to locate the position of the apical constriction and the length of the root canal space because the apex of the tooth root has a specific resistance to electrical current. Therefore, the dental apex locator measures the dental tooth root through a pair of electrodes. This pair of electrodes usually are hooked into the lip and attached to an endodontic file.

Product Recommendation:

Because of its practical function, the dental apex locator becomes a crucial factor in the success of endodontic therapy. But,  a variety of dental apex locators has flooded the market. It is hard for you to determine which type of dental electronic apex locator is ideal for you. Fortunately, this section would introduce two types of electronic apex locators to you.

Root Apex Locator

root apex locator

●Components of Root Apex Locator

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Electronic Apex Locator

Components of Electronic Apex Locator

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All in all, the electronic apex locator is the fruit of modern dental technology. It could help you a lot in complex endodontic surgery. Jerry is one of the leading dental apex locator suppliers in the world, offering the precise apex locator at an affordable price.