Purchasing Guide: Dental Endo Products

Purchasing Guide: Dental Endo Products

Aug 24,2021

With the variety of sugar food, endodontic problems always frustrate modern people. Dental doctors also keep hunting for the ideal and advanced dental endo products to improve their efficiency and release the patients' pain. Therefore, this article will make list to recommend high-quality endodontic products.

Measuring products.

Apex locator propex applies to the measurement of pulpits, pulp necrosisperiapical periodontitis, and tooth length. The doctor could clearly observe the measurement from the OLED. Supported by the USA chip, the locator has high accuracy and stability. With the automatic callibration function, the dentists could easily operate the locator. The components and accessories of the Apex Locator product consist of measuring wire, tester, lip hook, main unit, file clip, and power adapter. The dentist can understand the function of the Apex locator propex according to the manual. 


Our dentists could use an endo motor for a root canal treatment. The working principle of the dental endomotor is driving instruments for shaping in continuous rotation and reciprocating movement with torque and speed control. To ensure safety, Jerry’s endomotor Smart II has automatically slowed down and reversing function during the process of approaching physical root canal spots. Furthermore, the function of 360-degree rotatable stainless steel 1:1 contra-angle presents dentists with great and stable performance. Adding with adjustable rotating speed, M0-M9 10 working modes can be chosen. The digital OLED colorful screen also gives our dentists a clearer chart.


As an old saying “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”. A good dentist also could not do a high-quality treatment without high-quality dental endo products. Jerry, a professional dental equipment manufacturer, provides high quality, stable dental endo products.