Complete Guide: The Best Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer

Complete Guide: The Best Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer

Oct 08,2021

Are you still finding the best dental handpiece manufacturers, or finding the reliable China dental supplies manufacturer? Jerry Medical could be your ideal choice!

Dental Curing Light

Jerry offers not only 1sec curing light but also the most popular and classic dental curing lights. We have different types of 1sec curing lights as available selections to our customers. Also, our classic dental curing light is versatile for any brand dental resign. You may wonder why we have confidence to show off our dental curing lights. Your problem would start to dissipate from reading our related articles.

Dental Handpiece

Slow speed dental handpiece is one of the most important dental tools for our dentist. It usually used for refining a cavity preparation, performing prophylaxis, and so on. We are the professional manufacturer in slow speed dental handpiece: external water slow speed handpiece, inner water slow speed handpiece. Jerry also offers Led handpieces, contra-angle handpiece, and 45° LED Dental Handpiece.
Dental Handpiece

Dental Burs

Carbine burs

All our dental carbide burs are made by YG8 Tungsten steel carbide material. Shaped by the high precision machine, our tungsten steel carbide burs have the excellent cutting performance. We support the customized service to manufacturing your own burs, in accordance with your drawing or sample. Also, to meet the diverse needs of our dentists, we provide different head shapes of burs. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried your dental tools are not matching.

Diamond Burs

When we manufacture the diamond burs, we strictly adhere the high-standard manufacturing procedures. First step: We only select the high-hardness, wear-resisting and sharp emery particle as our raw material. Second step: We use high precision machine to shape our diamond burs hands. Third Step: We both use precision NC lathe machining and self-developed technology to manufacture multi-layer emery particle for each dental diamond burs.


The above three major catalogs are the top three types of dental tools that our dentists care most about. These three types of dental tools are frequently used in dental practice. If you are hunting for the reliable manufacture for your dental clinic or your practice, Jerry Medical could be your best manufacturer.