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Our dental handpiece is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding dental professionals. Our handpiece is great for a wide range of dental procedures, from restorative work to surgery. It has a strong motor, runs smoothly, and is easy to control.

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The Surgical Dental Handpiece is vital dental equipment for dentists. It could be used in most dental procedures, including removing the decay, polishing fillings, performing cosmetic dentistry, and so on. Therefore, the dental handpiece could be regarded as a versatile tool in dental surgery.

From the perspective of working speed, the dental handpiece is developed into two major types of dental handpiece: high speed dental handpiece and slow speed dental handpiece.

High Speed Dental Handpiece : The high speed dental handpiece works at the cutting speed of over 180,000rpm. It is used for the rapid removal of enamel and tissue. The high speed dental handpiece usually is air turbine handpieces. It is because it is powered by compressed air through dental handpiece turbines.

Slow Speed Dental Handpiece: The handpiece operates within an inbuilt motor at a typical speed of up to 80,000 rpm. It is used for the removal of soft decay, finishing cavity preparation, polishing, trimming and prophy work.
Equipped with contra-angle attatchement, the slow speed dental handpiece could be used as 20:1 contra angle handpiece, 4:1 contra angle handpiece, 1:1 contra angle handpiece, 1:5 contra angle handpiece. The contra angle handpiece could be applied to the intraoral or extraoral procedures to remove decay, polish amalgam restorations, and so on.

As a leading dental handpiece manufacturers, JERRY presents a wide range of sizes of dental handpiece parts. Furthermore, JERRY has everything you need for a successful dental surgery. From top-quality dental handpiece parts to delicate dental handpiece and accessories, all prove JERRY is one of the most excellent dental handpiece parts manufacturers in the world who always provides customers best dental high speed handpiece and low speed dental handpiece parts

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