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JERRY, China’s dental equipment manufacturer, was brought to life with the intention of providing more better dental equipment accessible and affordable for more dental professionals all over the world. Established in 2010, our pursuit were deeply rooted in product quality and product design. We always provide top-quality dental curing light, dental chair control systems, dental endodontic motors, dental apex locators, and dental operating lamps. In the following sections, the author would list the major products presented in this category.

Best Dental Curing Lights

A variety of curing lights are offered in JERRY, such as 1second curing light, wired curing light, broad spectrum led curing lights, etc. The dental curing light bulbs have a constant working currents design which ensures stable light intensity and avoids the light decay issue.

Dental Chair Control System & Dental Chair Pcb

The dental chair control system could meet your diverse practical needs in surgery with diverse memory positions. Take an example, a dental chair PCB also could provide up to nine memory positions.

Endodontic Motor

The dental endo motor and dental apex locator we offer cover are featured with advanced electronic components and multiple functions.

Dental Chair Operating Light

The dental operating lamps could be adjusted to any angle that you need in dental surgery. It also could automatically memory the working brightness which is convenient for your next dental surgery.

Welcome to JerryMED's wide selection of dental equipment, which is made to meet the highest standards of dentists. Our products are carefully made to give you the best performance, dependability, and durability so you can give your patients the best dental care possible. In this category, we showcase our cutting-edge equipment, including the Dental Curing Light, Dental Endo Products, Dental Chair Control System, and Dental Operating Lamp.

Our Dental Curing Light is a cutting-edge product that uses advanced LED technology to cure better than other lights. It is made to send out high-intensity light that cures dental materials like composites and adhesives quickly and well. With its intuitive control system and ergonomic design, our dental curing light is easy to use and highly efficient, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Our dental endodontic products are specially designed to simplify endodontic procedures while delivering predictable and consistent results. Our range of products includes endodontic motors, apex locators, and handpieces, all of which are designed to work accurately and precisely.

Our Dental Chair Control System is a new product that improves the experience of your patients and helps you get more done. With its easy-to-use controls and ergonomic design, our chair control system lets you change the chair's position, lighting, and other settings quickly and easily, making the experience for your patients more comfortable and less stressful.

Finally, our dental operating lamp is an essential component of any dental practice. It has better lighting, so you can see what's going on in the mouth of your patient clearly during procedures. Our operating lamp is designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that you can perform your procedures with confidence and precision.

At JerryMED, we are committed to selling only the best dental equipment to our customers. Our products are made to meet the highest standards of dental professionals and to perform, be reliable, and last for a long time. With our high-tech products, you can be sure to give your patients the best dental care possible.

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